Board of Directors


"People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and made things happen." Leonardo da Vinci.

Westrose, Tia Board of Directors epitomizes that character. These are women successful in each of their respective vocations in the industry, home and community. Their initiatives have positive influence, holistically, to the people around them. Their sincere concern for the people and generosity of their time, talent and wealth remain to be the driving engine of Westrose, TIA operation.

Amelia Arienza


Manages and oversees the overall operation of Westrose, TIA. Regularly meets with the board, help analyze and propose needed actions for the corporation. Meets with regular and prospective donors.

Background: Architecture, Structural Design, Technical Illustration, Arts

Dr. Helen Marie Haney

Women's Workshops Coordinator

Manages and coordinates with the team for the Spring and Fall Women's workshops from initial planning of the topic to finding, meeting, and interviewing guest speakers. Finds resources for flyers design and set plan for its distribution. Plans the reception for the set event.

Background: MD, FAAP, Pediatrician

Itezelle A Miller

LoT/KGC Coordinator

Overall Coordinator for Leaders of Today(LoT) and Katy Girls Club(KGC). Presently acting as primary coordinator for LoT. Meets and plans with KGC Coordinator in matters of themes, topics, discipline and activities.

Background: MBA, Healthcare Insurance, Wellness

Odette Sanchez

KGC Coordinator

Meets and plans with LoT/KGC Coordinator in matters of themes, topics, discipline and activities.

Background: Health and Wellness, Registered Nurse

Debby Costello


Women's Workshop Support Coordinator. Coordinates and plans with the WW Coordinator.

Background: Geologist

Janet Montgomery


Operations Support. Coordinates with the board and supports the overall operations.

Background: Financial Planner

Gem Gurch


Supplies coordinator. Manages overall flow of supplies for LoT, KGC and Women's Workshops

Background: Hotel and Restaurant management

Lauren Anders


Treasurer. Records bi-yearly WTIA financial statements and provides yearly report to the IRS.

Background: Accounting

Aleksandra Podskarbi


Operations support. Meets and plans with the board on yearly activities. Support in inviting members to the activities.

Background: Sports coach

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