Women's Workshop Spring 2023


Get ready to taste authentic Korean food. This class incorporates a healthy approach in preparing and cooking delicious Korean food. Our guest will show her techniques in choosing fresh and household ingredients as opposed to the premixed ingredients that may be harmful to our health. She'll show the proper way of cutting and plating presentations as we see in the restaurants. Although the vegetables, meat, noodles and rice are gluten free, WTIA will also try to incorporate gluten free seasoning for those who are allergic.

This program is for adult women of all profession. Occasionally there are topics that will interest the high school girls and sometimes men. Women's Workshops respond to the needs prompted by suggestions of mothers, grandmothers, daughters, nieces in our local community. Topics range from home, family, finance, fashion, relationships, health and wellness/care and end of life situations.

  • Donation amount: $ 30.0
  • Start Date: April 1, 2023
  • Staff in charge:

Helen Marie Haney
  • Jin is a wonderful cook of Korean Cuisine. She's Korean and currently an active member of Vocation Prayer Group at St. Bartholomew the Apostle parish in Katy.