Women's Workshops


This program is for adult women of all profession. Occasionally there are topics that will interest the high school girls and sometimes men. Women's Workshops respond to the needs prompted by suggestions of mothers, grandmothers, daughters, nieces in our local community. Topics range from home, family, finance, fashion, relationships, health and wellness/care and end of life situations.

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  • Professional guest speakers
  • Hands on experience on some activities
  • QA and discussions each meeting
  • Friendship and camaraderie
  • Immersion to Volunteering and Service projects
  • Donation amount: $ 30.0
  • Start Date:
  • Staff in charge:

Helen Marie Haney
  • Dr. Helen Haney is a pediatrician in Houston, Texas and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Houston Methodist Continuing Care Hospital and Texas Children's Hospital. She's a great mom married to a wonderful doctor.