Katy Girls Club


Katy Girls Club (KGC) seeks to encourage young girls to grow in friendship, virtues, and spirit of service. They are also introduced to social interaction among their peers and learn to cooperate and follow instructions in the activities.

November Activity: Christmas Ornaments *Mothers are welcome to the "Mother's Discussion" at 2:15pm. The topic for November is Temperance and Self-mastery "Have the courage to teach children austerity. If not, you won’t accomplish anything” SJM

  • Prepared, age appropriate, Virtue Talk(VT) is given and discussed at every meeting
  • Theme projects range from arts and crafts and cooking
  • Literary and Cultural immersion are introduced in some activities
  • Outdoor and indoor game activities
  • Parents are encouraged to stay or come early to pick up the child for mom's discussion and visit
  • Donation amount: $ 100.0
  • Start Date: Sept. 16, 2023
  • Staff in charge:

Rosario Castro Pena
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