Katy Girls Club 2


Please follow this procedure to register your child: Online Registration Procedure 1. Set up an account for yourself since your child is a minor 2. IMPORTANT, Check given email for verification before proceeding to step 3. 3. Dashboard will show your name 4. Add your daughter(s), individually, to Register to the activity 5. Donate in full, payment plan or **scholarship. *Each Registration requires a 25% deposit of the suggested donation, not less than $25.00 even if you opted for Payment Plan or **Scholarship (per available funds only). 6. Forms of donation: Paypal, Venmo, credit card. 7. If your child's name does not appear on your Dashboard, there's a delay in the system. Notify us at info@westrosetia.org 8. You will now be able to download and fill out the Waiver Form for your daughter(s) and submit to: registration@westrosetia.org 9. CHECKLIST: Set account, add daughter (if registering a child), register to activity, give donation, fill out Waiver Form, submit …If all checked out registration is complete, confirmation letter will follow. 10. For HELP and inquiry, email info@westrosetia.org or leave a message to (832)356-3998

  • Donation amount: $ 50.0
  • Start Date: Jan. 30, 2023
  • Staff in charge:

Rosario Castro Pena
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